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Main Squeeze Greeting Cards (1 or 10-pcs)

Main Squeeze Greeting Cards (1 or 10-pcs)

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The "Main Squeeze" Greeting Card, where citrusy cuteness meets heartfelt messages!

With a delightful illustration of a lemon and lime sharing a cozy embrace on the front, this card is perfect for sending love, friendship, or just a good old squeeze to someone special in your life. Made with a semi-glossy print on mat paper, these greetings cards are available in 1 and 10-packs.

The inside of the card is as refreshing as a cool glass of lemonade on a sunny day, providing you with a blank canvas to pour your own words of affection, laughter, or even some juicy inside jokes. It's a citrus-inspired invitation to get creative, sprinkle in some puns, and let your thoughts take flight!

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or simply want to brighten someone's day, our "Main Squeeze" Greeting Card adds that zesty touch of sweetness to any occasion. It's like sending a warm hug and a burst of citrusy joy right through the mailbox.

So, grab a pen, let your imagination run wild, and let this playful card be your medium to squeeze out every drop of love and laughter. Shipping together with envelopes, you'll have everything you need to share the sweetness than with your "Main Squeeze"! 🍋🍈

.: One size: Closed (4" x 6") and Open (8" x 6")
.: Use as portrait or landscape card
.: Available in 1 and 10 pieces
.: Envelopes included

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