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Kitten Mitton Tote

Kitten Mitton Tote

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Does your cat make too much noise? 

Listen up, feline friends and cat lovers alike! We have the purr-fect solution to your noise-related woes, and it comes in the form of the Kitten Mitton Tote!

Does your cat sound like a herd of elephants tap dancing at all hours of the night? Do you find yourself daydreaming about soundproofing your entire apartment complex? Fear not, dear humans, because the Kitten Mitton Tote is here to save the day!

Featuring adorable hand-drawn kitten feet wearing knitted mittens, this tote is not only a fashion statement but also a noise-canceling powerhouse. And let's be honest, your cat will look darn cute sporting some mittens too.

So, whether you're tired of being woken up by kitty shenanigans or just want to keep your feline friend stylishly warm, the Kitten Mitton Tote is the answer you've been meow-ting for. Don't be a litter box and miss out on this hilarious nod to "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Grab yours meow! This Kitten Mitton Tote is purrfect for those ASIP fans & knitters alike! 

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